Thursday, July 21, 2016

These New Dyes Make Rainbow Hair Easier to Pull Off Than Ever


I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to my hair. Cuts have always consisted of a trim, and highlights are the extent of my color experience. Don't get me wrong-I've always wanted to do something drastic, like dye my hair superdark or get a bob, but it never felt right. Or maybe I just don't like change. Either way, when Matrix reached out to me about dyeing my hair with its new Color Sync Watercolors-a line of crazy-colored, ammonia-free dyes-I barely gave it a second thought. Do I really want blue hair all summer long? Negative. But then Matrix explained that these colors-moss green, sapphire blue, berry violet, quartz pink, and coral peach-are demipermanent, meaning they last only for 20 shampoos or approximately six weeks. That meant I could go pink or purple for July, and by August, for my friend's wedding, I could be back to my safe shade of blonde.

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