Friday, April 8, 2016

Is That Color-Correcting Lipstick Hack That Went Viral Really Safe?


Before there were color-correcting pencils, creams, primers, gels, and drops, there was red lipstick around the eyes, and one woman who looked like a crazy person to the rest of the world. But Deepica Mutyala, the beauty vlogger behind the lipstick-as-undereye-concealer video that went viral last year knew what she was doing: The technique blots out dark circles like nothing else on darker skin tones, and color correcting shot to mainstream popularity in the wake of her video's nearly 10 million views (this was back in January 2015, a lifetime of curiously lavender/blue/green products ago).

But while people are still gung ho about smearing their lipstick under their eyes, lurking rumors of red-dye-caused irritation had us wondering whether the potential risks of this hack outweigh the benefits.

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