Friday, March 11, 2016

This Is What Happens When You Don't Use Moisturizer


I love lotion. No, really—like, I love love it. Every single night, I slather moisturizer all over my body and face like I'm a dehydrated sea sponge washed ashore, and during the day, I compulsively apply hand cream so often that my computer mouse is permanently slippery. So when two other Allure editors announced that they rarely, if ever, use moisturizer, my brain short-circuited. "But…but your skin needs moisture!" I cried out, channeling my inner dermatologist and surgeon general. "…Right?” I mean, what if I'm just addicted to lotion? What would really happen if I stopped moisturizing for a few days—a few weeks—a year?! Think of the money I'd save on not buying my monthly Gold Bond supply! I quickly emailed my derm squad for backup.

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