Friday, March 18, 2016

Stop Treating Your Pimples With Heat


Some of the more cringe-worthy beauty myths I've heard include: 1) Rubbing banana peels on your face can treat acne scars (um), 2) a Sharpie can double as a long-wear eyeliner replacement (eek), and 3) hairspray works well to set your makeup (ouch). Then there are myths that I had no idea were myths in the first place, like the idea that you can use heat to minimize a zit. By the way, don't feel bad if you didn't realize this wasn't true. I didn't either, until dermatologist Jessica Wu named it as a top complexion myth she'd like people to stop believing "once and for all." Dramatics aside, if you've been combating pimples with a warm compress—like I've been doing for, oh, my entire life—you're doing it wrong.

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