Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Stila Cosmetics


Imagine yourself at 13, walking through the mall with your friends, wandering over to a beauty counter full of gleaming lights and a rainbow smorgasbord of makeup product that you, OK, probably don't know how to use yet. You pick out something amazing, something unique, something you can pull out of your jelly purse after third-period English and impress all of your friends. Except unlike the waxy lipsticks and fluorescent eye shadows you've picked up at Claire's before, this one is actually good. So good you keep using it, long after your glitter body-roller has met its fate in the trash. For me (and for many other '90s kids), that discovery was a Stila lipstick in the silver cardboard packaging. And while those tiny paper tubes may be nothing but a memory now, Stila is still one of the most iconic makeup brands around. Here are a few facts we bet even Stila's biggest fans didn't know.

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