Sunday, February 21, 2016

I Tried The Gold-Flecked Face Oil That's All Over Instagram


There's one tiny, white, unassuming bottle that I've been seeing everywhere. Well, everywhere beauty bloggers post their tutorials, anyway. It's Farsali Rose Elixir, a moisturizing facial oil created by Toronto-based YouTube beauty guru Farah Dhukai. It launched less than a year ago, and given how many in-the-know beauty peeps seem to be obsessing over it, I had an inkling that this was no standard beauty oil. Instagrammers often use the Farsali Rose Elixir oil as a pre-makeup step; they'll either smooth it directly onto their faces in place of primer, or they'll put a few drops on a damp beauty sponge before applying foundation. Either way, it always seems to result in a dewy, flawless finish. So naturally, I had to find out more--and try it for myself.

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