Monday, November 16, 2015

5 Life-Changing Spiritual Experiences


When I say, "spiritual," I'm not talking about the decision to "believe" in God or not. Clearly, not as some old image of a bearded man sitting on a throne in the sky (an icon skeptics love to disparage).

I am talking about connecting with a loving, tangible force deep within that feels undoubtedly spiritual and broadens your mind in a very real way. It stimulates a higher functioning clarity of mind, especially concerning that which we most want to do with our lives.

In The Celestine Prophecy Series, I have sought to show how we are all "wired" to observe and take spiritual experiences seriously. Unfortunately, there is a strong scientific bias against spirituality that goes beyond a healthy skepticism. When we do take notice, a spiritual connection feels almost automatic in the way that our minds expand. Further, people everywhere are finding these encounters, in spite of the skepticism.

There has to be more, and there is! To sense this confirming experience, slow down just enough to observe your life intently, and remember the ancient proverb that predates the Bible, "Sincerely ask, and the doors of perception will be opened unto you."

"My life has truly been a spiritual unfolding. A personal and enchanting journey, where I was led out of the most difficult times by a higher part of myself. Every day I am convinced even more that these spiritual experiences are real."

1. The Awareness of Synchronicity

In a genuine search for spirituality, the first experience you will often detect is the appearance of "mysterious coincidences." Synchronicity is defined by the experience of meaningful events in one's life that are so timely in occurrence it feels as though some hand of fate or destiny is involved.

Synchronicity usually happens when we have a thought or daydream of some new direction we might take in life. Perhaps it's a change in jobs, the need to get in or out of a relationship, or just to resolve the problem of some sort. Then some time later, we meet someone, see something on the computer, or notice a story in a magazine that eerily gives us the exact information we need to move forward.

2. Following Your Intuitive Thoughts

As suggested in the generalized example of Synchronicity above, we all have inner "thoughts," intended to steer us in the right direction for Synchronistic opportunities to occur. I am referring to Intuitive thoughts that simply pop into your mind, such as images of ourselves doing something or "gut feelings" concerning others in our lives. Some people may experience Intuitions as an inner "hunch," yet they usually have a quality of urgency to take an action.

These urges must be distinguished from general fear thoughts or addictive compulsions. Overall, they should be separated from "calculative thoughts," those where we talk to ourselves in our heads about possible decisions we face. These kinds of thoughts are not Intuitions.

We all have Intuitions, but we have to act quickly, explore them completely, and take timely action. Once you build the habit of fully noticing and following Intuitive guidance, your life will forever be changed.

3. The Awareness of the Karmic Design

One of the most surprising spiritual realities comes from evidence of a karmic design in our lives - the idea that "what goes around comes around."

The existence of karma, which brings consequences can be proven by being observant of one's life. Positive karma comes directly from helping others, but I do not mean by acting irresponsibly and giving away the store, or enabling bad habits. I'm suggesting that we continually act in ways that we sincerely believe is in the best interests of other people. We do this by telling them the best truth or Intuition we have to offer, even if it is a hard truth. And overall, living life as if the effect we have on others is to lead them to a better life.

4. Prayer Power

Skeptics always doubt prayer, because to them, it does not make sense. They say, if there is a higher and loving intelligence behind this world, this God will know your needs. So what is the purpose of requiring prayer?

It's a good question, with an answer! Prayer is an exercise of faith power, developed for the greater good of ourselves and others. When concerning spirituality, we actually feel the power welling up inside of us. We must affirmatively pray for others and think well of them. We can often see that they respond to this action, and they grow spiritually in ways that we can easily observe.

The key to prayer power is truly feeling deeply grateful. When your gratitude is genuine, you establish faith power without the cloudiness of doubt creeping in. In fact, this aligning step of gratitude may be the final piece necessary to integrate all these spiritual experiences into one sudden epiphany -- one that feels like a total embodiment of the divine presence within us.

5. A Sense of Ultimate Peace And Well-Being

I have called the experiences of spirituality a "downloading" of our greatest self because I believe this is how a genuine, spiritual connection feels. We feel united with our sense of self, our level of competence in the world, our talents, and our expertise. It is as though we have acquired a new personality.

Many emphasize a notion of having had a "breakthrough" moment, one that feels like an ultimate awareness that comes with a sense of complete, inner security. People describe this experience as, "no matter what happens I feel safe, secure, and cared for, as though a never-ending, pure, and complete LOVE is staring true through my eyes."

Why go to all this trouble to discover and live the higher experiences of spiritual awareness? The short answer is simply this...because we are designed for something more. If you do not slow down and seek this greater life now, you may wake up from your distractions and addictions too late. Our lives are not supposed to befall to grief and pain. These real spiritual experiences surpass all understanding to deepen your inner security and peace, so you can live an inspired and meaningful life.

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